City of Belgrade,CCIS-Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Central European Development Forum CEDEF are organizing the second investment forum
“Belgrade Investment Days 2017“

Serbia and investments are in the spotlight once again! Financial times has just reported that Serbia took the 1st place globally judging by the index of performance of greenfield direct foreign investments. Serbia’s index shows that the country in 2016 has attracted more than 12 times more greenfield FDI than would be expected for the economy of this size. The leading international rating agencies point to a better credit rating both of Belgrade and Serbia with positive outlook for the coming period.

Third Belgrade Investment Days 2017 is an opportunity for Belgrade and Serbia to point out successfully accomplished investments, potentials for new ones and challenges of the local and foreign investors.

Interactive discussion, introduction of investment issues and dilemmas, exchange of opinions and direct discussions on stimulating investments and pushing the economy forward:

• Large increase in foreign direct investments
• Successful greenfield and brownfield investments and strategic partnerships
• Possibilities of export to third markets
• Cooperation in the region
• Business issues and possible solutions
• Experiences of general managers of leading global and local companies
• The role and support of international financial institutions

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Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia
Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and Industry