Global tourism and mainstream media have recommended Belgrade as one of the top 10 city break destinations in 2015. The City that is evolving at an accelerated pace, where everyone is welcome, the city that leaves no one indifferent are just some of the impressions from Belgrade.
The city is the dynamic business center of the region, but it is also considered a place that never sleeps as it offers inspiration, enjoyment, versatile nightlife, plenty of music and beer festivals.
Belgrade is an inexhaustible source of energy, natural blend of Oriental and European heritage.
So, experience this city on two large European rivers, the Danube and Sava, take the boat or enjoy the vibrant streets. Tour of the city provides travel back in time through the centuries, revisiting the rich history, culture and eclectic architecture.
Step through the attractions of Belgrade, select a programme of sightseeing and be sure to try the local cuisine!