Београдски инвестициони дани 2016

Инвестициони форум „Београдски инвестициони дани“ представља јединствену пословну платформу за привредну сарадњу, која ће окупити представнике дипломатског кора, министарстава, инвеститора, међународних финансијских институција, банака, страних и домаћих компанија, фондова, привредних комора, градова, регија и кластера југоисточне, централне и западне Европе, Русије, земаља Каспијског басена, Кине и Блиског истока.

Посебан интерес за инвестирање у Србију постоји у областима инфраструктуре, обновљивих извора енергије (енергетика и екологија), пољопривреде, информационих технологија, некретнина и туризма, које ће бити централне теме овог Форума.

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Belgrade is proudly re-establishing itself as a significant international business and investment destination. After the completion of the financial consolidation process and the implementation of cost-saving procedures in day-to-day business, the City Government is turning to potential investors as an attractive, modern and stable partner.

The City of Belgrade, through its Project Development Office is focusing on attracting new long-term partners, with an accent on private-public partnerships, by having organised a one-stop-shop office for contact and communication with investors, by actively participating in initiation and realisation of projects, and by mediating the communication between the investors and various City bodies.

By centralising the project and investment management at the City level, Belgrade introduced a detailed and up-to-date overview of the stage of realisation of every project in the pipeline, of any arising problem or missing resource, all in order to act quickly in overcoming obstacles and accelerating the investments.

Belgrade currently has approximately 60 infrastructure development projects in various stages of preparation or realisation.


Belgrade Chamber of Commerce is the business association that represents the interests of more than 100,000 companies and entrepreneurs in Belgrade and represent almost half of the Serbian business community. Recognized as a partner of all key stakeholders, creators of the economic environment of Belgrade and Serbia, Belgrade Chamber of Commerce has the following missions:

– Represents the interests of the business community before local, national and European governments. Proposes measures to create more favorable economic environment, incentives for the development, growth and competitiveness of doing business and works to implement them in the economic and regional policies.

– Supports business development. It supports the enterprises in the start up phase, covers the topics of acquisitions and transfers, HR and legal issues, the consultants in the chamber support businesses in their local or international development.

– Conducts training of employees in accordance with the needs of their business, organizes a wide range of education that is annually attended by several thousand participants.

– It is dedicated to promoting research and innovation in the business community, based on intensive cooperation with universities and research institutes in the country and the world.

Belgrade Chamber of Commerce can offer to potential investors, among other things, all necessary information regarding the most attractive investment sectors, legal issues, available resources and economic policy.


Central European Development Forum – CEDEF is the leading regional independent think and do tank focused at sustainable regional development. It advocates active implementation of sustainable economic and energy policies in Serbia and the region, strengthening the links between various EU and other regions.

CEDEF advocates concrete measures to create a sustainable and inclusive regional economy which will benefit both present and future generations. CEDEF believes in cooperation, innovation and circular economy, and through its research, projects, conferences and publications they offer a firm platform for creating an such an environment. It stimulates intensive dialogue and cooperation among all development stakeholders, including policy makers, academia, financial and business community and responsible consumers.

CEDEF is the founder of MEMS, Network Energy Managers Serbia, which is the leading network of experts in the field of green energy. For its contribution in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and ecology, as well as for the projects in a domain of international cooperation, CEDEF holds several national awards.